Friday, March 16, 2012


We have been getting a lot of rain lately and our yard turns into a soggy mess.  I love cute step stones, but they're so dang expensive!  Here's a super simple and inexpensive project for all you yard lovers on a budget.

TOTAL COST : About $25 for 20 stepping stones!

1.  SUPPLIES NEEDED : Spray paint in a color of your choice, painters or masking tape, and inexpensive concrete blocks (I purchased mine at Walmart for $1/each).

2.  TAPE OFF YOUR BLOCKS : I'm a minimalist and went with a simple square pattern.  Stripes or a chevron pattern would be super cute too!

3.  SPRAY PAINT YOUR SQUARES : Spray a thin coat of spray paint evenly across the entire surface.

4.  REMOVE YOUR TAPE : And you're done!  Let the paint dry for a few hours before stepping on them.

Send me a photo if you give this a try.  I'd love to see how yours turn out!

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