Friday, April 13, 2012


ONE : Husband + dog + crossword puzzles.  Making the most of the daytime outside hangs before it gets too ridiculously hot.  How sweet is that vintage yellow shop vac?
TWO : We have been mowing.  A lot.  It's a never ending task since the property is so large, but having a freshly cut lawn is one of the greatest feelings.  Plus, it's a pretty decent workout.
THREE : Oh little peep.  You are a mediocre sweet treat, but I love you nonetheless.
FOUR : This is Hooker.  As you can tell, she is large and in charge.  Big girls need love too.
FIVE : We have been drinking lots of Natty Light lately (fortunately/unfortunately).  Kinda tastes like beer flavored water, but it's cheap and gets the job done.
SIX : Gonzo.  The mayor of Chilltown.
SEVEN : I jazzed up my keys so I can keep track of them all.  Check it out here!
EIGHT : My mom surprised us with a little overnight visit.  We planted a garden and I'm simi obsessed with it.
NINE : Gonzo chillin'.  Again.  It's what he does best.
TEN : The sunrise and I hang out every morning.  It's the only plus side to working at 7am.

Let's be Instagram friends!  My username is KendallKendall.  Or for your web viewing pleasure, you can also see pic here.

Have a fab weekend, friends!

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