Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This is my very first garden.  My mom has one of the greenest thumbs ever, however I'm fairly certain that it skipped a generation.  I plant things.  And then they die.

But this time...things will be different.  I've been nursing a few little seedlings over the past few weeks and my mom surprised me with a handful of veggie plants to fill out my garden.

We planted tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, jalapeños, broccoli, and various spices.  I'm pretty stoked.

The garden has been in existence for approximately 36 hours and the plants are already starting to hug their surroundings.  The little spiral arms are definitely my fav.  Tiny green darlings.

Now alls I have to do is keep the bunnies, deer, birds, bugs, and miscellaneous critters out of the beds so they can grow.  Sounds easy enough, right?

Wish me luck!


Allison Wheeler said...

i've always wanted to start a garden!! let me know how it goes... i'm hoping that our future place in fort worth will have a backyard so i can start one too!

Baylee said...

Awesome! I wish I had a yard for a garden! Looks great

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