Saturday, August 27, 2011


I have been editing photos for the website for what feels like months.  I have an extremely modest photo studio setup which leads to me investing most of my time to trimming, cropping and color correcting.

Taking photos of clothing has been far more exhausting than I originally thought.  Turns out it's fairly difficult to make colors on clothing look accurate in photos.  I seriously loathed anything with primary colors.  I would want the color green to look green.  But green would decide that it would rather look like teal, or mint, or hunter.  Photoshop can only do so much without distorting every other color in the image.  I tore my hair out for weeks trying to get an accurate lighting setup and finally invested in a cheap light kit on Amazon.  It has completely restored my sanity.  Primary colors and I are back in love again (I know you were really worried about it). 

Prepare yourself for some horn tootin'...  My Photoshop pen tool skills are getting pretty darn close to perfect.  The pen tool will forever eat the magic wand tool for breakfast.  Here are some before and afters of photos that I have finished recently.  All of these beauties (along with plenty of others) will be available on the Yeah Vintage website soon! 



Let me know if you have any trimming/cropping needs.  I give you good price!

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