Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I had my first official critter sighting today.  Pretty sure we're going to be best friends.  Here he/she is, resisting my love.  Le sigh...  I'm looking forward to cooler temps and more exciting sightings. 

We have officially been East Tex residents for about 50 hours.  It's incredible how much money we have saved simply by being away from anything convenient.  The closest gas station or market is a solid 10 minute drive down a 65mph highway.  We're also about 25 minutes away from the closest beer store.  I got the shakes when I first found out, but it's been a positive change.  I'm a big fan of an adult beverage in the evening, but it certainly hinders all productivity.  We also ditched our TV for good.  Our record player looks nicer in the living room anyway.

We also received the best news ever today.  We are able to get trash service out here.  While this may sound lame to the average city dweller/suburbanite, our only other option for trash removal was to burn it.  Seriously.  And seeing as how all of Texas is currently under a burn ban, that was going to be seemingly impossible.  High fives to East Tex Trash.  You should check out their website.  It's pretty snazzy. 
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