Tuesday, May 8, 2012


One of the websites I work for (Roller Girl Skates) hosted the first annual Derby de Mayo party at our newly redesigned shop last Saturday.  I've been working from home since last summer and I only get to see my coworkers about once every couple of months, so Joey and I drove into town for the festivities.  The party was rad.  There were derby scrimmages, free booze, free food, giveaways, live music, it was awesome.

Business has been crazy (online and at the shop) so they knocked out a wall to make room for more of our derby goodies.

These socks are the jam!  They're made by a company called Sock it to Me and they are my fav.

Our wheel room is my happy place.  So many pretty colors.

I know you've been searching for some hardcore booty shorts...

The scrimmages were in the parking lot and some of the falls were pretty brutal.  Skin does not slide very well on asphalt.

Here are a handful of my coworkers.  I miss their little faces.

Clockwise from top left : Leslie (aka Weapon X), Kellye (aka WreckLiz n Dangerous), Luther (the boss man), Veronica, Jenny, and Kyle.

Mosey on over to Roller Girl Skates if you're in the market for derby gear, and stop by our shop in Lewisville, TX if you're in the area.  Tell 'em Kendall sent ya'!

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