Friday, April 27, 2012


1 :  Joey and I had the best time in Dallas last weekend.  Record Store Day was tons-o-fun.
2 :  I hard boiled some yummy eggs.  Which in return gave me food poisoning.  Jerks.
3 :  We stayed at a fancy-pants hotel.  Shoe mittens included!
4 :  I got a little too excited about the shoe mittens and ended up with an adult headache (hangover).  BC Powder is disgusting, but the fastest headache cure ever.
5 :  Just a reminder - Gonzo is a pretty baby.
6 :  Bun-bun is currently nesting under our house.  She usually hangs out in the front yard in the mornings.  I can't wait for the baby buns to arrive!
7 :  Damien Jurado makes me happy.  I suggest you grab yourself some of his tunes if you don't already have some.
8 :  The weather is so nice right now.  Gonzo like to camp out in front of the door until playtime.

Did you have a good week?  Circle yes or no.

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