Thursday, February 23, 2012


I started hand-dying and screen printing each of my bands t-shirts back in 2007.  I always tried to keep one of each print for keepsake purposes.  I rarely wear t-shirts, so they've been sitting in a dresser since the day each one was made.

When we moved last fall, I couldn't bear to throw them out, but I didn't want them rotting away in a storage space either.  Luckily, Joey's grandma (Nonnie) is a master quilter and was super excited when I asked if she'd help me make a t-shirt quilt.

Quilts are intimidating.  They are so meticulous and time consuming.  I loathe sewing patterns and have yet to use one for any of my projects, but Nonnie assured me that I was in good hands.

Whilst cutting the squares, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia.  Each of these shirts brings back so many memories.

This was the very first Mount Righteous t-shirt.  We took a group photo and I outlined it in Illustrator.  We sold them at our very first show ever.  Big ol' happy blob family.

Joey made the design for the "All Together Now" shirt.  It is still one of my favs.  Joey's brother, Andrew Hammond Kendall, made a poster that included the scantily-clad ladies on the right.  The poster also included scantily-clad gentlemen.  I can't remember why I only included the ladies on the shirt.

Joey designed these as well.  We printed tons of them in a bunch of different color combos.  It was our go-to design.  I love it.

Our cymbal player, Zicole, drew the instruments for the design on the left.  We sold this t-shirt when we did our big 4 month long tour in 2010.  We played shows is so many states across the country.  Definitely one of the best times in my life.  The design on the right was drawn by Joey.  We sold them while on his tour last fall through the west & midwest.  It's a good-ol-boy asking a sody-pop to marry him.

It's crazy to think how many strangers across the country have one of these shirts in their closets.  It's going to be a dang good quilt.

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