Friday, November 4, 2011


The cold weather has finally arrived!  Hoodies, boots, mittens, seasonal decorations/music/foods...I'm pumped.

Our county is still under a burn ban, so our fire-pit will have to wait a little while longer before it gets our full attention.

There is a huge oak tree (I think) that hovers over the house and acorns have been falling like tiny bullets on our tin roof all week.  I will take acorn-bullets any day as long as it means that summer is officially over.   

My mom grew tired of my hobo stylings and took me shopping for some winter clothes (which you are never too old for BTW).  We found the greatest winter boots at Anthropologie.  Originally $279.  Snagged them for $45.  Hobo power.

You might remember this little fellow from a previous post.  I caught him peepin' the other day while I was working.

We named him Jalapeño.  He doesn't hiss or meow but is super skeptical of us.  He has been chillin' around the house for about a week but still won't let us get near.  New best friend in the making?  I think yes.

He looks freakishly similar to my little bebe Pancake who flew the coop a few years back.  I like to think that she is warming the feet of her new owner and eating lots of potato chips.  She was a strange and wonderful creature.

Cheers to the fall weekend!  Listen to Neil Young and roast some marshmallows!

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