Sunday, October 9, 2011


Joey played at the Golden Light Cantina in Amarillo last night.  It is one of my favorite places to play in Texas.  The owners are super great, they give the out-of-town bands free food from the restaurant and free drinks all night.  Everyone is always so nice and everyone always buy tons of merch.  It should be a mandatory stop for any touring band coming through TX.

There was a great doggy named Max that stopped by for a bit.  He's really good at resting.  

Joey's set was great.  There were two-steppin' guys and gals, plenty of hippy friends, and more PBR than you can shake a stick at.  It was all smiles, as per usual. 

Amarillo suggests that you get some strange. 

We stayed with Molly and David from the band Molvid who opened the show.  They were so generous and had a perfect little house filled with tons of furry friends.  How cute is this blanket? 

This is Bella (or Stella...or Ella...?)...

I had dreams about these little lanterns.  No lie.

This is Taq (pronounced Tag).  He looks sad here, but he was over the moon anytime anyone came outside to play. 

This is Pearl.  She is a princess (obviously). 

And this is little Missy.  She was the shyest pup I've ever met.

Currently in transit to Tulsa, OK.  SoundPony here we come!

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