Friday, April 20, 2012


Here's what my iPhone has to say about this week.  It was kind of a slow week bloggy-wise, but super busy for me!

1  ///  We helped out with Joey's Grandpa & Grandma's murder mystery party and they have the most amazing signs hanging up behind their bar.  "Beware of the cat" is obviously my favorite.  Followed by "Whiskey box" and "Captain".
2  ///  Our friends, Danny & Emilie, got hitched at the Dallas Arboretum.  She's a professional ballerina and he's in an amazing country band.  Cutest.  Couple.  Ever.
3  ///  Gonzo keeps me company everyday since I work from home.  He's a great coworker.
4  ///  I randomly found a mix CD that my pal Cory gave me in 2008.  It does, indeed, make me party like Cory.
5  ///  I want to reenact this Valentine's card ASAP.  Who wants to help?
6  ///  My sweet baby, Pancake, flew the coop a few years back.  I found this picture from when we lived in LA.  RIP little kitten.

We're heading to Big D for the weekend.  Holler at me if you're in Dallas and want to hang!

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