Monday, March 19, 2012


We stopped by the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum & Country Store this weekend.  The museum is essentially a super creepy (and amazing) taxidermy museum with an old-timey country store at the end.  Random?  Yes.  But most of the animals were donated by Mr. & Mrs. Brookshire, who were the founders of Brookshire's Food & Pharmacy (a big ol' grocery store chain).  They were definitely meat lovers!

I don't think I will ever understand the sport of killing animals for leisure, but at least they were world travelers?

All of the animals were placed in diorama-esque habitats...with the exception of the monkeys.  They were playing Monopoly.  And wearing island attire.

The museum is tiny and a little old lady kept announcing over the loudspeaker, "Attention wildlife guests, please remember to only touch with your eyes and not your hands."  Crazy ol' lady!

My fav part was definitely the country store.  I wish this is what grocery stores still looked like.

You should definitely stop by the museum if you ever find yourself in Tyler, TX.  It's free!


Anonymous said...

I drive by this place every morning but haven't been in there since my fourth birthday on account of my strange fear of taxidermy animals. My boyfriend wants us to go but after seeing all your pictures I'm thinking no...

Yeah Vintage said...

Ha! The place is super the animals are literally in your face. Might not be the most relaxing museum trip for you, but it would definitely be memorable!

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