Friday, March 30, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful week!  Here are some highlights from mine through the eyes of Instagram.

I received a surprise hair product package from my sister (technically my brother's girlfriend...but a sister nonetheless) and I made way too many to-do lists.  Rat poison, check!  No trespassing sings, to be completed...

Gonzo got a new summer hairdo.  It makes him prance and he's a completely different color under all that wiry gray hair!

Don't ya hate it when this happens to wine corks?  We have a ton of leftover wine from our wedding and every single cork does this.  Buzzkill.

I hit the vintage fabric motherload at a local thrift store and started making little credit card wallets.  They will be available for purchase at Yeah Vintage soon!  Also, I miss my blond hair.

Gonzo met a new rat friend, who happens to have a living mouse friend who attempted to nest in our bathroom.  With my toilet paper.  Totes rude.

Heading to the DFW mid-cities this weekend for some twin sister hangsies.  Have an amazing weekend!

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