Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Our pals, The Back Pockets, are currently on tour (along with our new pals Lily and The Tigers) and stopped by the farm on a night off.  They're a jumbo band from Atlanta, GA and they're some of the greatest people you will ever meet.

They converted this city bus into the most excellent touring vehicle.  They built bunk beds that will sleep 7, the entire thing is painted inside and out, and it says "Unicorns Unite" on the back.  It's pretty magical.

I have mad respect for touring ladies (especially ones that drive giant buses).  These gals are total pros and are great performers.  Plus, they can make Gonzo smile in pictures.  This is very rare.

They were only in town for the night, but we snapped a few family photos before they had to leave.

He has shorts on.  I promise...

Do yourself a flavor and check out some of their tunes, or better yet, go see them while they're on tour!

And do yourself and even BIGGER flavor...and watch this little video they just made.  It's mesmerizing.

You can see more of their touring shenanigans here.

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