Friday, October 14, 2011


The show in Colorado Springs was at The Modbo (aka The Modern Bohemian).  The gallery was the perfect size and the owners were rad.  

They had this incredible hand-stenciled concrete floor.  This is definitely happening if I ever have a dwelling with concrete floors again.

Constellation of Cars played and were excellent.  They both plan to move to Texas in the very near future.  The dude, Andy, is going to spend some time with family in Athens, TX which happens to be about 15 miles away from our middle-of-nowhere tree farm.  What are the odds?

I just now realized that my 7am - noon work-from-the-road schedule is centered around the central/standard time-zone.  Which means as we move west, my wake time gets earlier and earlier.  By the time we reach California, I will be up at 5am.  Oy vey.  Why I just now realized this, I will never know.

We stayed with our friends Kim and Trae in CoSprings and they have the most amazing little animals.  Two beagles (hiccup and pickles) and a kitty (harvey).  I decided to work from under the blankets that morning because it was so damn cold.  All of the animal snuggles made it much warmer though.

Cuteness overload.

I am in LOVE with their house.  The fireplace and brick walls make my heart melt.  Le sigh...

We had a day off and hung out with our good pal Jared and his girlfriend Mariah.  They just moved to Manitou Springs and it is the most lovely town ever.  They have a little house nestled in the side of a mountain.  It reminded me of the canyons in Los Angeles.  But colder...with less traffic...and no homeless people.

This is BatTat.  He has a very tiny meow.

We hiked up Red Mountain.  Photos cannot describe the view from up there.  I swear we could see all the way to Kansas.

Joey is really good at waiting until I'm ready to take a photo...

Such great friends.  Can't wait to come back when we have more time for hangsies.

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