Sunday, September 18, 2011

We roamed around the property a bit yesterday.  I thought it might be a good idea to bring a machete for some reason.  I used it once to chop down a small branch from a tree, which resulted in me getting wood chips in my eye.  Obviously, I am quite handy with tools and/or self defense weapons. 

The sheriff happened to be driving by when we were jumping over the fence.  We drive a purple Scion, so we look like we're lost and/or in the wrong place at all times out here.  He gave us the usual police intro, "How we doin' today?"  Translation, "I'm about to ruin your day by asking you a bunch of pressing questions insinuating that you are guilty of something and will likely find a way to give you a ticket".  I politely explained that we had to drive to the back of the property because I refuse to jump over the creek that separates the property (this is true by the way).  This seemed to be convincing enough and he drove away.  He didn't even question the machete!  Great success east Texas.  Great success.

Also, Toms are not the best footwear for trekking through the wilderness.

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